We recognize the importance of establishing legal paternity and the array of benefits it offers, such as access to rights, benefits, and responsibilities. With Ms. Sahar Maknouni’s experience in handling numerous paternity cases, we’ve helped clients secure their fair and lawful claims concerning family connections. For inquiries or legal guidance, feel free to contact us at (310) 691-1729 to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Establishing Paternity

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Sahar Maknouni specializes in offering top-tier legal counsel concerning paternity matters. Establishing paternity is a significant aspect of family law, often involving intricate legal processes and emotional complexities.

In California, various methods exist for establishing paternity, with DNA testing being a key tool. This advanced test relies on genetic science to accurately determine biological parentage by comparing the child’s DNA with that of both the mother and the alleged father. Through this comparison, any genetic similarities are identified, conclusively establishing the paternal relationship.

The procedure for DNA testing in paternity cases is meticulous. It begins with collecting samples from all parties involved, typically through cheek swabs to obtain cells for DNA analysis. These samples undergo thorough examination in a laboratory to identify unique genetic markers. Legal experts and genetic analysts collaborate closely to ensure a rigorous and impartial testing process while upholding strict confidentiality.

Impact of Paternity on Child Custody

Once paternity is legally established, a man obtains access rights and may potentially qualify for custodial guardianship privileges.

California adheres to a fundamental principle in child custody cases: the best interest of the child. This principle serves as the cornerstone of custody rulings, guiding the assessment of various factors. When courts handle custody disputes, their primary concern is determining the circumstances that will promote the child’s well-being, safety, and happiness most effectively.

Several factors contribute to this determination, such as the quality of the child’s relationship with each parent, their ability to provide stability, the child’s established routine, their wishes (considering age and maturity), the safety of their environment, and each parent’s capacity to foster a positive relationship between the child and the other parent. By examining these aspects, courts construct a comprehensive understanding of the child’s situation, aiding them in rendering informed and fair decisions.

Impact of Paternity on Child Support

One critical aspect of paternity cases involves child support. When a parent successfully establishes the other parent’s paternity, the latter becomes legally responsible for providing financial assistance, contributing to the costs associated with raising the child. Our skilled attorneys navigate clients through the intricacies of these cases, ensuring they understand the process of establishing paternity and securing child support.

California law provides specific guidelines for child support calculation, considering factors like both parents’ incomes, the number of children, and their respective parenting time. Our firm offers guidance to ensure all relevant variables are accounted for in this calculation.

It’s important to understand that while these guidelines are generally fixed, the court has discretion to deviate from them in certain cases. If strict adherence to the guidelines would result in an unjust or inappropriate outcome, the court may make adjustments accordingly.

Seek Help in Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Ms. Sahar Maknouni is here to navigate the complexities of paternity law with you. She  understands the sensitivity of these matters and prioritize discretion and confidentiality. With Ms. Sahar Maknouni’s unwavering dedication and diligent approach, she works towards the best outcomes for her clients. Don’t let paternity issues overwhelm you. Call us today at (310) 691-1729 for a Free Consultation and let us support you in your pursuit of justice.

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My attorney Sahar did an excellent job in obtaining the results I wanted! Collaborating with this firm through my challenging divorce was truly eye-opening. Being in the military, my top priority was to preserve a meaningful bond with my children amidst the demanding nature of my deployment...

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I was impressed by Sahar's strategic approach to my complex divorce case. She was always ahead of the game, anticipating moves and countermoves, ultimately leading to a very satisfactory outcome for me. I highly recommend Sahar to anyone dealing with family law challenges, thanks to her...

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Going through a divorce with young children was my biggest nightmare. Attorney Maknouni not only helped me navigate the legal process smoothly but also ensured my children's best interests were at the forefront of every decision. Her sensitivity and professionalism were truly commendable.

Jessica H.

Sahar is a great lawyer, who knows how to handle cases both in and out of court. From our first meeting, I felt assured and understood. She navigated through my divorce proceedings with incredible professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a fair division of assets and custody arrangements that were...

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