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Family relationships vary widely and often evoke strong emotions and deeply held beliefs. At Maknouni Family Law Firm, APC, we offer dedicated, personalized, and strategic legal representation for cases related to family law. Ms. Sahar Maknouni, a trusted family law attorney in Los Angeles, is passionate about her work. She understands the complexities of family disputes and advocates zealously for her clients. Ms. Maknouni is committed to gently guiding her clients through divorces and other legal processes with a client-centered approach that integrates meticulous analysis and strategic acumen to secure the best outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns about family law issues, please reach out to Maknouni Family Law Firm, APC.

About Us

Maknouni Family Law Firm is committed to assisting individuals dealing with family-related challenges. Ms. Maknouni contributes her legal expertise along with a keen understanding of management and various business law concerns to the cases she manages.

We recognize that family issues, whether it’s a troubled marriage or instances of domestic violence, can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Pursuing a divorce is complex, encompassing the resolution of property distribution, child custody and visitation, and spousal or child support. Ms. Maknouni primarily concentrates on family law, offering compassionate and attentive service to address our clients’ needs. We are committed to strong and strategic legal advocacy to achieve the best possible results, protecting what matters most to you. In an initial consultation, we carefully listen and ask thorough questions to fully grasp your situation.

Filing for Divorce in Los Angeles

Many clients seek our guidance for navigating the divorce process. In California, divorces are no-fault, which means that neither spouse has to prove the other’s fault to obtain a divorce. Simply put, you and your spouse do not need to prove issues like adultery or mental illness. Instead, you can file for divorce by stating that your marriage has irretrievably broken down due to irreconcilable differences.

Law Firm to Represent You in a Property Distribution Dispute

California operates under community property laws, implying that assets obtained during the marriage—excluding inheritances and other exceptions—are considered community property and must be evenly split in a divorce. Assets owned individually by each spouse prior to the marriage remain their separate property. Ms. Maknouni’s background in business law positions her to provide expert legal representation in high net-worth divorces, particularly those involving the division of business interests and protecting your stake in a business during the divorce process.

Family Law Attorney Serving Los Angeles Clients Dealing With Spousal Support Disputes

Spousal support can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the duration of the marriage. For marriages lasting less than 10 years, spousal support is generally temporary and typically lasts for about half the length of the marriage. The calculation for temporary support considers both your income and your spouse’s income.

For marriages that extend beyond 10 years, spousal support may be permanent. Permanent support continues until the remarriage of the recipient, the death of either spouse, or a mutual agreement to modify the terms. After 10 to 14 years of providing permanent support, there is a possibility for the supporting spouse to request a modification of the terms. The court evaluates several factors to determine permanent spousal support, including the ages, health statuses, education levels, and the marital standard of living of both parties.

Often, the spouse required to pay support is hesitant to do so. Typically, the spouse seeking support must initiate a legal motion to have the court award spousal support.

Child Custody and Visitation in Los Angeles

Child custody often becomes an emotionally charged issue in a contested divorce. Both parents have equal rights to their children, yet this does not guarantee an equal division of custody.

Custody disputes are categorized into two main types: legal and physical custody, each of which can be designated as either joint or sole. Legal custody grants a parent the right to make crucial decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and overall welfare. Physical custody, meanwhile, determines which parent the child will live with. Joint custody allows both parents to share these responsibilities, while sole custody assigns them to just one parent.

Child custody and visitation, or parenting time, are separate concepts. Even if a parent has joint legal and physical custody, this does not automatically mean they will spend 50% of the time with their child. To secure at least 50% of parenting time, a parent must actively exercise their allotted visitation rights.

If you’re dealing with child custody issues or wanting to increase your parenting time, don’t go through this challenging period by yourself. Reach out to Ms. Maknouni for committed and empathetic legal assistance to protect your rights and your children’s welfare.

Child Support Disputes

Child support refers to the financial contribution that a court mandates one or both parents to provide for their child’s upbringing. All parents are obligated to support their children financially. In Los Angeles, courts generally adhere to statewide uniform guidelines to determine the amount of support a parent owes. These calculations consider the incomes of both parents and the amount of time each parent physically spends with the child or children.

Consult a Trustworthy Family Law Firm

Navigating a divorce or other family law dispute can be extremely stressful. Emotions often run high, and situations can escalate quickly, even when there is agreement on many issues. It’s essential to have an attorney with experience, strategic insight, and strong analytical skills. If you’re in need of a skilled Los Angeles family law attorney, contact Maknouni Family Law Firm, APC. Our lead attorney, Ms. Sahar Maknouni, is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients. You can reach us at 310-691-1729 or fill out our contact form.

Client Reviews

My attorney Sahar did an excellent job in obtaining the results I wanted! Collaborating with this firm through my challenging divorce was truly eye-opening. Being in the military, my top priority was to preserve a meaningful bond with my children amidst the demanding nature of my deployment...

Jon P.

I was impressed by Sahar's strategic approach to my complex divorce case. She was always ahead of the game, anticipating moves and countermoves, ultimately leading to a very satisfactory outcome for me. I highly recommend Sahar to anyone dealing with family law challenges, thanks to her...

Sarah Jennings

Going through a divorce with young children was my biggest nightmare. Attorney Maknouni not only helped me navigate the legal process smoothly but also ensured my children's best interests were at the forefront of every decision. Her sensitivity and professionalism were truly commendable.

Jessica H.

Sahar is a great lawyer, who knows how to handle cases both in and out of court. From our first meeting, I felt assured and understood. She navigated through my divorce proceedings with incredible professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a fair division of assets and custody arrangements that were...

Carlos Rodriguez

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